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Did Tong Yao Develop Feelings for Zhang Xincheng?

LawDid Tong Yao Develop Feelings for Zhang Xincheng?

The ongoing period C-drama Tender Light, featuring Zhang Xincheng and Tong Yao in the lead roles, aired episode 24 on May 8, 2024. The episode focuses on Nan Ya (Tong Yao) and Zhou Lou’s (Zhang Xincheng) growing closeness. Nan Ya is seen listening to Zhou Lou’s recordings, where he talks about being in love with her and waiting for her, no matter how long it takes. Nan Ya, who had been grim toward him, is seen smiling while listening to his voice.

One night, as Nan Ya works at her clothing store, Zhou Lou sneaks inside. He hands over the photos he has taken of Xu Yi over the past few days to Nan Ya. He declares that Xu Yi is involved in the bridge scandal that took several lives. But instead of being thankful, Nan Ya starts to scold him. She urges him to maintain his distance from Xu Yi, as he is dangerous and inscrutable. She asks him to focus on his own life; otherwise, she will never meet him again. Zhou Lou is content to see that Nan Ya cares for his safety.

Zhou Lou’s friends and family rejoice as he gets selected for a retest at his dream university. Qin Li and Zhou Lou join his family for dinner to celebrate. After dinner, Qin Li takes him on a walk. But Zhou Lou feels restless to meet Nan Ya. He makes up an excuse to take his leave and rushes to give Nan Ya the good news. Nan Ya is happy for him and advises him to study hard and not lose a great opportunity like this. Zhou Lou is impressed with her sewing skills. He helps her with chores around the store and also reads her a poem that takes her down memory lane.

Tender Light ep 24: Zhang Xincheng collected proof against Tong Yao’s husband

Meanwhile, Nan Ya’s mother-in-law visits her store. She apologizes to her for the incident at the train station and tries to put all the blame on Xu Yi. She urges Nan Ya to report Xu Yi to the police. According to her, Xu Yi has a ledger that will prove his involvement in the bridge incident. Nan Ya is not ready to listen to her. She asks her to convince Xu Yi to divorce her. After Nan Ya demands a large amount of money in return for her help, her mother-in-law snaps. She storms out while cursing her for being deceitful and shameless.

Nan Ya and Zhou Lou continue to grow closer. Zhou Lou helps her carry the clothing items to the wholesale market. They board the bus together and reach the outskirts of the town. While discussing poetry, they tug at each other’s heartstrings. Once again, Nan Ya warns her about Xu Yi being capable of doing nasty things. She urges him to learn how to protect himself. They exchange gifts and sit in silence, enjoying each other’s company. Without anyone’s knowledge, their connection strengthens over time.

Tender Light is available to stream on Youku throughout the week.

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