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F1 fans react to ‘super rare W’ from U.S. Congress over Andretti’s 2026 bid – Motorsport – Sports

LawF1 fans react to 'super rare W' from U.S. Congress over Andretti's 2026 bid - Motorsport - Sports

F1 fans have praised U.S Congress for a “super rare W,” with 12 members co-signing a letter questioning the decision to deny 1978 world champion Mario Andretti’s team’s bid to enter the sport in 2025 or 2026. Commercial rights holder, F1 Management, rejected the American squad’s bid to join the F1 grid despite the FIA approving its technical capabilities late last year.

Andretti, 84, visited Capitol Hill this week and met with Republican John James of Michigan, who is leading the bipartisan effort hoping to apply pressure with the move to reject Andretti seen as anti-competitive, which could be in violation of American antitrust laws. Andretti being kept out of F1 would also deny two American companies, Andretti Global and General Motors, from producing and competing in the sport.

The move comes ahead of this weekend’s first of three American Grand Prix this season, with Miami playing host. “What is the rationale for FOM’s rejection, especially with respect to Andretti Global and its partner GM potentially being the first American-owned and America-built race team?” the letter said. “The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 outlaws unreasonable restraints on market competition to produce the best outcome for the American consumer. How does FOM’s denial of Andretti Global and GM, American-owned companies, square with Sherman Act requirements, since the decision will benefit incumbent European racing teams and their foreign automobile manufacturing affiliates?”

Andretti Global followed up on X, tweeting: “We are grateful to the bipartisan members of Congress for their support in challenging this anti-competitive behavior. We remain committed to bringing the first US works team and power unit to F1 and to giving American fans a home team to root for. It is our hope that this can be resolved swiftly so that Andretti Cadillac can take its rightfully approved place on the grid in 2026. Our work continues at pace.”

And F1 fans have jokingly suggested that the bipartisan U.S. Congress members have secured a rare public win, with the narrowly divided legislative branch often heavily criticized by the polarized population. “Never thought I would be supporting the US congress,” an F1 fan said on X. “Hilarious stuff lol. Finally, something my representatives doing I can support!” another tweeted. A third added: “Super rare W by Congress.”

The Daily Express Sport US has reached out to F1 for comment on the letter from Congress members alongside Andretti ahead of this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix. Sunday’s race in the Sunshine State will be the third on the track that snakes around the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium since its introduction to the F1 race calendar in 2022.

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