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Google fires engineer who spoke up for Palestine during tech conference

BusinessGoogle fires engineer who spoke up for Palestine during tech conference

ALBAWABA – Google has reportedly fired one of its engineers who recently lashed out at Barak Regev, head of Google Israel, during the “Mind The Tech” conference in New York City, according to FOX Business.

The Google Cloud engineer was recently laid off after expressing his dissent of Project Nimbus saying it “puts Palestinian communities in danger” during a speech of Barak Regev, adding that he “refuse[s] to build technology that powers genocide.”

As the crowd was arguing about the engineer’s remarks, Regev attempted to defuse the situation by claiming that Google is a “democratic” institution that is open to such criticism and allows expression of opinion, before continuing his speech.

While Google has not released the name of the engineer, a company spokesperson commented to FOX Business confirming the news, saying “Earlier this week, an employee disrupted a coworker who was giving a presentation – interfering with an official company-sponsored event.”

The spokesperson disregarded the engineer’s comments, saying that regardless of the subject, Google does not consider such behavior accepted and thus fired the employee for violating the company’s policies.

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