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Google TV now shows movie theme tags on homescreen

LawGoogle TV now shows movie theme tags on homescreen

Trawling the sheer deluge of film streaming platforms has become tedious, but Google TV could help you find the right movie with added theme tags for specific platform content.

We’ve spotted the usage of small movie theme tags on the Google TV homescreen that offer brief descriptors of content from various content providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and more.

When scrolling through the “Top picks for you section,” you may see the classic comedy and tragedy mask symbol with three brief descriptors of the movie or TV show in question. These can vary quite drastically and it’s not clear if this information is being pulled from reviews elsewhere online. However, this shortens the short movie synopsis and offers key information to help you pick the right content for your specific mood.

For example, Dunkirk shows as “Harrowing,” “Intense,” and “inspiring” which in tandem with the brief blurb might give you an even better idea of what you’re potentially sitting down to watch. Personally, I’d call that a pretty accurate summary of what Christoper Nolan’s WWII film will offer. You can see some other examples below:

At present, we do not have a huge sample size, these tags appear unique for each movie we see on our homescreens. You won’t see movie theme tags anywhere else within the Google TV interface, expanding or clicking into an option and these tags will disappear. Even so, it could help you decide if something is worth watching before taking that step.

This feature appears to be limited to movies. No tags are available for TV shows or – as you’d expect – YouTube content. Do you see movie theme tags on your Chromecast with Google TV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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