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Joe Biden’s latest meltdown more good news for MAGAs

PoliticsJoe Biden's latest meltdown more good news for MAGAs

An “angry and anxious” President Biden “shout[ed]” and cursed out aides after they told him about his plummeting poll numbers, due to his handling of the war between Israel and the Hamas terrorists, various media outlets just reported. And this latest poll plunge comes after a separate Biden favoritism fall post-State-of-the-Union address.

Poor Biden can’t catch a break. His mush-for-mind is melting down and he’s showing the desperation that’s affecting all Democrats right now – albeit some are handling it better than others. The dementia-ridden Biden is not one of those who are handling it well.

“Insiders claim that President Joe Biden has been privately ‘seething’ over his disastrous polling numbers,” the Daily Mail wrote.

“Insiders claim that President Joe Biden … is ‘angry and anxious’ about his 2024 reelection efforts,” the Daily Mail wrote.

“[R]eports of the president’s rage date back to January,” the Daily Mail wrote.

Seething. Angry. Anxious. Filled with rage — these are not the descriptors of a commander-in-chief who leads with strength; of a president of the United States who presents the stick but carries with dignity the carrot. These are words to describe a fretful child.

But that’s what Biden has become. We’ve all seen it. He’s the toddler who’s one step shy of the tantrum.

“He began to shout and swear,” NBC News wrote of Biden’s response to his falling favor with the people over his Israel-Hamas wartime actions. The headline of this NBC News piece?

“Behind the scenes, Biden has grown angry and anxious about re-election effort,” the news site wrote. Not a good look. Also, not so behind the scenes, either. But it’s really not a good look on a president who simultaneously needs to wear specially made shoes just to keep him from falling all over the place.

“Joe Biden’s new ‘boat anchor’ shoes meant for maximum stability as president’s falls spark concern,” the New York Post wrote. Concern? There’s an understatement. Listen: It would seem a universal agreement to say that if a man can’t stand up without falling down, then he shouldn’t be in the running for president of the United States. That Democrats don’t care about this seeming glaring red flag speaks volumes to the priorities of the party. No wonder Biden is angry all the time. He’s been used and exploited for political purposes, his personal health and mental derangement be danged. Worse, he’s being used for political purposes that just aren’t panning for the party. 

You know how all presidents generally and historically get a post-SOTU bump in poll numbers? Yeah. That didn’t happen for Biden. Going in to the State of the Union, Biden’s January numbers showed he would lose to Donald Trump, 45 percent to 44 percent. Coming out of the State of the Union, Biden’s March numbers showed he would still lose to Trump, 46 percent to 44 percent, the Daily Mail reported. He lost steam. His angry, yelling State of the Union actually lost him points with the people.

He doesn’t have many points left.

It’s obvious Biden is on the fast track to lose the White House in 2024. Nobody should be happier over this than — make way for the list — Trump, all Trump supporters and MAGAs, Israel, freedom-lovers around the world, parents with children in public schools that are run by scary LGBTQ-promoting principals and administrators, people who like to keep the money they earn and not give it to house illegals in major cities, and those who aren’t socialist, communist and Marxist. Oh, and those in America who don’t want to be murdered by illegals who are then classified by the Biden administration as something soft like “citizens-in-making” or IINO — “Illegal In Name Only” — so as not to hurt their feelings; yes, those who hate facing the prospect of being murdered are quite happy at Biden’s faltering favor in polls, too.

But Democrats face a quandary.

They’ve fashioned a president who serves as a puppet and who has managed to bring forth a globalist agenda into America like no previous leftist in decades. But now the puppet’s strings are frazzled; now that puppet’s strings are fraying beyond repair. But it’s late in the political campaign game so they’re stuck with him; they’re stuck hoping against all hope his medication won’t wear off mid-sentence and leave him stuttering about the podium, muttering some garbled nonsense about an Egyptian tyrant named Putin or of Iranian Khomeini Kamala Harris and her race for the Gold Cup, meanwhile extending a hearty handshake to Mr. Air.

The quandary Democrats face isn’t that they’re worried about Biden’s ability to lead. Rather, they’re worried more voters than not will notice that Biden has absolutely no ability to lead, and as such, they’ll vote third party, they’ll vote write-in, they’ll vote nobody, or worse, they’ll actually cross party lines and vote Trump. The more we see of Biden and his special stability shoes, the more his poll numbers fall and the angrier he becomes, the more the American people see his true colors: entitled buffoon.

Really, the best thing for America is for Biden to lose his cool. Publicly.

The more voters see his real self, the less chance he wins the ballot count giving him four more years to wreck America. His temper flare-ups, oddly enough, could be the salve that saves the nation from destruction.

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