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Letter: The city of Fargo is wasting our money – InForum

LawLetter: The city of Fargo is wasting our money - InForum

We all know the city of Fargo has an illegal ordinance on the books which states that a resident cannot engage in the business of selling firearms and ammunition as a home-based business. This ordinance flies directly in the face of North Dakota State statute.

On Feb. 20, Cass County District Court Judge Cherie Clark ruled that the city of Fargo’s complaint against HB1340 is dismissed with prejudice. So at a recent meeting, the Fargo City Commission voted to direct the city attorney to file an appeal of the Cass County District Court’s decision, allowing federally-licensed gun dealers to operate from their home.

What does this mean? This means that commission members voted to waste more of your hard-earned tax dollars on solving a problem that does not exist. Commissioner Dave Piepkorn says this is about local control and doing what is best for the city of Fargo, which is purely poppycock. This is a power contest and nothing more. The city of Fargo believes that they don’t have to follow state law because they are the largest city in North Dakota. A lesson you would think they would have learned in 2007 when they were forced to pay back millions of dollars in traffic fines that exceeded state limits.

If the commissioners do not like the laws of the state, then they should work to vote like-minded people in to the state legislature and not waste our tax dollars and time in the courts, but it is much easier to spend someone else’s money on attorneys and pass the work off to a minion.

This ego measuring contest is going to cost the city thousands of dollars we don’t have and is going to solve nothing in the long run. All five of these commissioners need to be removed from their offices for wasting our money on a fight that they, admittedly, have little chance of winning.

Edward Krystosek lives in Fargo.

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