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Letter to the editor: Biden overdue for eviction

PoliticsLetter to the editor: Biden overdue for eviction

At what point will patriotic and law-abiding American citizens banish the crooked Biden administration?

On New Year’s Day, I dropped my cellphone and wasn’t fast enough to chase down the scumbag who picked it up and dropped it into one of the many criminally run, instant-cash phone-exchange machines that became common not long after President Biden took office.

Last night, I was almost killed by marauding, homeless drug addicts hanging out by the post office. 

Recently, a young girl was raped and murdered in Georgia by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record.

America’s streets, neighborhoods and homes are no longer safe, and our parks, universities, schools and public libraries are no safer. 

Our own former President Donald Trump was railroaded and persecuted by our own Congress, FBI, multiple intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice. The U.S. is neck-deep in debt, graft, war and crime.

The Democrats and RINOs seem to love this because they think Mr. Biden is doing just fine.

Please, let’s stop this crime and the criminal Mr. Biden in November.


Tempe, Arizona

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