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Letter to the editor: U.N. is a Trojan horse

PoliticsLetter to the editor: U.N. is a Trojan horse

Ancient mythology tells the story of a Trojan horse, built by the Greeks and allowed into the city of Troy as a gift. Once inside, Greek warriors poured out of the wooden structure to invade the city.

In the United states, we helped build our own the Trojan horse, one that ultimately seeks the dismantling of capitalism and Western culture: the United Nations. With socialists — many of whom despise our Judeo-Christian values — making up over half its membership, the U.N. has been allowed on American soil to foster policies in direct conflict with our own.  

Recent reports from authors Bret Weinstein and Darlene McCormick Sanchez indicate the U.N. is actively supporting illegal immigration efforts to the U.S. from South and Central America. Essentially, the plan is to bankrupt America and destroy our national sovereignty. According to the Federation of American Immigration Reform, illegal immigration cost American taxpayers $182 billion in 2023.

President Biden is more than happy to appease the globalists of the U.N., the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum as these organizations attempt to implement the one-world utopia John Lennon visualized in his musical communist manifesto “Imagine.”

This May, Mr. Biden will seek to usurp the voice of Congress by signing the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty with U.N. offshoot the World Health Organization. Not only would signing this document this cede our medical sovereignty to the U.N., but it would give it jurisdiction to override our First Amendment rights by creating a disinformation bureau to stamp out any dissenting medical opinions. We must not let this happen.  

The No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act and the WHO Withdrawal Act will, according to the nonprofit Liberty Counsel, get us out of the WHO, defund the WHO, and require any agreement to be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate.  

China, Iran and Russia all pose a substantial threat to America, but our real enemies are already here. We must act now, through our legislative process, to fight the invaders within our walls, whether they be at United Nations Plaza or Pennsylvania Avenue.


Anniston, Alabama

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