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Police Scotland supports launch of national Police Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service

UncategorizedPolice Scotland supports launch of national Police Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service

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Police Scotland has joined all police services in the UK to launch the Police Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service, which will be run by the independent charity Crimestoppers.

It was established to give the public an anonymous and confidential route to report concerns about criminal behaviour by individuals in policing.

It will bolster Police Scotland’s capability to take action against those who do not uphold our values and those who do not belong in Police Scotland.

The Police Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service covers information relating to officers, staff and volunteers who –

Provide information or influence in return for money or favours.

Use their policing position for personal advantage – whether financial or otherwise.

Cross professional boundaries or abuse their position for sexual purposes.

Abuse or control their partner, or those they have a relationship with.

Engage in racist, homophobic, misogynistic or disablist conduct, on or off duty, in person or online.

Crimestoppers will take reports from the public about individuals employed by Police Scotland, as well as any police service in the UK, regardless of whether the information relates to them whilst they are on or off duty, online or in person. Reports can be submitted online, and telephone calls are free.

When people contact the service, they can choose to remain 100 per cent anonymous, or can opt to leave their details if they are willing for the force investigation team to contact them directly.

Information received by Crimestoppers will be passed to Police Scotland’s Professional Standards Department who will assess it. The information may then be passed to specialist detectives to begin an investigation, take steps to safeguard someone at risk or in danger, or record the information to inform future investigations.

The service sits alongside existing complaints procedures and has been set up solely to take reports of corruption and or serious abuse committed by serving police officers, staff and volunteers.

Deputy Chief Constable Alan Speirs said: “The overwhelming majority of Police Scotland’s officers and staff conduct themselves to the highest standards and live by our values of integrity, fairness, respect, and a shared commitment to upholding human rights. They have the full support of our organisation.

“There is no place in our organisation for those who fall short of our values, and those officers and staff will be held to account

“This service provides an excellent opportunity for the public to raise their concerns.

“Therefore, Police Scotland fully supports the work of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, in conjunction with Crimestoppers, in launching the Police Anti-Corruption and Abuse Reporting Service.”

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