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“You’ve Got to Train Properly, You’ve Got to Eat Properly”: Mike Mentzer Once Shared His Thoughts on a Healthy Diet

Sports“You’ve Got to Train Properly, You’ve Got to Eat Properly”: Mike Mentzer Once Shared His Thoughts on a Healthy Diet

Dieting and exercising concurrently in a fitness program is fraught with myths. Bodybuilding legend Mike Mentzer once spoke in an interview about the importance of these two elements and how a healthy diet is a must for any fitness enthusiast. Heavy Duty College recently uploaded footage from an old interview on their YouTube channel that covered the same topic.

Questions regarding diet have always been a hot topic in the bodybuilding world. “How important is diet training when one is training? Is there a percentage where you should devote to exercise versus diet?” the interviewer questioned the late icon. And Mike Mentzer, with his great expertise from his stellar career, had a prominent answer to this question.

Diet and exercise, according to Mentzer, go hand in hand. For a person to achieve their ideal body composition, they must incorporate both into their routine in a balanced manner. Mentzer also observed how, in the past, people assumed diet was 80% of bodybuilding.

However, as per the bodybuilding icon, no one can quantify diet. He shared his thoughts with a simple statement in the interview:

“You’ve got to train properly, you’ve got to eat properly.”

Mike Mentzer emphasized that a healthy diet is the most important factor for athletes to succeed. His statement was followed by simple reasoning, as without a balanced diet, an athlete won’t be healthy enough to be fit, which is the most crucial part of multiple sports.

Numerous athletes also ensure to meet their nutritional needs, like the amount of a certain nutrient they want to consume. However, the bodybuilding icon had a completely different mindset on this:

“Many athletes tend to overemphasize certain elements of a diet, like vitamins and protein. Again, the most important requirement is that you need a well-balanced diet just so that you’re healthy.”

The opinion of Mike Mentzer on calorie intake

The subject of calorie intake quickly comes up while discussing fat reduction. Mike Mentzer once brought up the topic of fat loss and maintaining a healthy nutritional intake when talking about what to eat during HIT. Following the icon’s instruction, one must cut their calorie intake below their daily need after they’re committed to the procedure.

In addition to following a balanced diet and exercise regime, Mentzer suggested keeping a journal to record calorie intake each day. When it comes to being ripped, the icon himself said that a balanced diet and sufficient workouts are the ladder to success.

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