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Cambodia earns new world record for largest ‘bridal carry’

WorldCambodia earns new world record for largest 'bridal carry'

Men carry women as a test ahead of a competition and Guinness World Record attempt in Phnom Penh on March 8, 2024. (Photo by Tang Chhin Sothy / AFP)

Phnom Penh: Hundreds of Cambodians braved sticky tropical heat to set an unusual new world record: for the most people performing a “bridal carry” at the same time.

Late on Friday, 245 men hoisted their partners — wives, girlfriends, sisters or mothers — with one arm under the legs and one behind the back and held the position for a minute to set the mark, certified by Guinness World Records representatives.

“I am so happy, it is my first time to participate in such an event to break a world record for Cambodia,” Sam Khan, 25, told AFP before carrying his wife.

The event drew participants young and old.

A man carries his mother during the competition on March 8, 2024. (Photo by Tang Chhin Sothy / AFP)

“I am so excited,” 50-year-old mother Heng Pov told AFP while being carried by her son.

After setting the record, many of the participants carried on with the hold as part of a competition to win a new car.

The “bridal carry” is so named for the way a groom in some cultures carries his bride over the threshold of their new home.

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