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Wally, the emotional support alligator famously denied access to Phillies game, goes missing

SportsWally, the emotional support alligator famously denied access to Phillies game, goes missing


A Pennsylvania man is looking for his emotional support alligator, better known as Wally, after the pet went missing during a vacation in Georgia. Wally went viral last year when he was denied entry into a Philadelphia Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park.

According to a report from NBC News, Joie Henney lost his beloved Wally while in Brunswick, Ga. during an April vacation. Henney said he believes that Wally was stolen from his outdoor enclosure on April 21.

Henney said the thieves brought Wally to another residence, and the occupants called the authorities, who came and released the 5-foot-6 alligator into the wild. Now, Henney wants as much help as he can get to find Wally.

“We need all the help we can get to bring my baby back,” Henney said in a TikTok video. “Please, we need your help.”

NBC News confirmed that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources did respond to a report of an alligator on April 21. A trapper was then sent out to capture the animal and release it into a “remote location.”

Henney and Wally made headlines back in September when the creature was denied access to a Phillies game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citizens Bank Park. Despite Wally’s designation as a “service animal,” at least by Henney, the Phillies didn’t want a live gator wandering around the park.

“My doctor wanted to put me on depression medicine, and I hate taking medicine. I had Wally, and when I came home and was around him, it was all OK,” Henney explained. “My doctor knew about Wally and figured it works, so why not?”

Hopefully, Henney can find Wally soon and they can try to get back into a Phillies game at some point this summer.

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